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구인 [Hybrid Remote] 정규직 Logistics Specialist를 채용중입니다~

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작성자 Timpl
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Atlanta, GA 근처에 위치한 회사에서 아래와 같이 1-2년 이상 경력을 가진 Logistics Specialist를 채용중입니다.

90일 probational period 후 work from home 3 days a week이 가능한 Hybrid 포지션이며, 지원 원하시거나 더 궁금한점 있으신 분들은 이메일: olivia@timpl.com으로 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

Main Responsibilities:
– Coordinate transportation providers to ensure prompt and proper movement of shipments
– Respond to customer inquiries and refer clients to the proper channels
– Review purchase orders and shipping documents to ensure accuracy
– Ensure that the quality of all services provided meets the required standards
– Resolve around the timely delivery of goods and services they ordered and the perfect condition of products that were delivered to them.
– Review the company’s logistics performance with customers in line with laid down targets and agreements
– Create and/or deploy project management tools and systems
– Collect or oversee the collection of product and project performance data
– Identify opportunities to reduce costs, production time, and other areas lacking efficiency; recommends improvements.

– Bachelor’s degree in a related field preferred
– 2+years of experience in the logistics field required
– SAP experience preferred
– Bilingual in Korean and English
– Must be authorized to work in the states without any sponsorship


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