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작성자 Chris2222
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⭕OPT / J1 스폰서 가능 ⭕Full time Position ⭕ MS Office PPT 가능자

근무지역 South Carolina, Columbia 지역

A partner of a global leading electronic company is seeking an experienced Shift Assistant/Manufacturing Assistant Supervisor who reports to and supports the Production Manager by providing direct floor leadership including PPA administration and employee development, coaching and training. The position drives production, quality and safety process improvements and leads shift operations troubleshooting.

Night Shift / Schedule 4:00 pm - 3:00 am
Salary: $40,000~$45,000

Primary Duties

The Shift /Manufacturing Assistant Supervisor will have responsibilities in the area of leadership, managing process and customer service

• Oversee and administer the Performance Planning & Administration (PPA) process for direct reports. Handle all corrective action according to established guidelines, in coordination with the facility/production manager, and the human resources manager
• Participate in interviewing and selection process for new employees, and actively manage the “On Boarding” process for her/his new hires, in accordance with established guidelines
• Coordinate the implementation of current, and any new programs, or processes
• Assure that standard business practices are followed, and transaction accuracy is maintained
• Work to fulfill customer requirements, as defined by the production manager, and / or the facility scheduler
• Monitor and assist in month end closing. Placing orders for supplies.

Qualified candidates will possess the following skills:
• Basic computer skills
• Able to lift and move up to 50lbs
• Attention to detail
• Communication and organizational skills
• Korean/ English Bi-lingual
• OPT visa sponsor 가능

[Resume Submission]
email.  chris.yoo@personalink.me

Chris Yoo 470-772-0200
Persona Link LLC.


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