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작성자 Chris2222
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리크루터로 성장할 꿈을 가지신 분을 모십니다!

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic and hardworking junior recruiter to assist with our recruiting activities. As a junior recruiter, you will be responsible for posting job applications online, examining résumés, screening potential candidates, and setting up interviews. You will work directly under the hiring manager or executive recruiter and assist with all recruiting-related duties.

To ensure success as a junior recruiter, you should have advanced knowledge of recruitment techniques, excellent communication skills, and the ability to multi-task. A top-notch Junior Recruiter understands the needs of the company and ensures that only qualified candidates make it through to the final interview.

[Location] Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660

[Junior Recruiter Responsibilities]
-Assisting the hiring manager or executive recruiter with recruitment duties.
-Reviewing available positions and candidate requirements.
-Communicating with the HR team.
-Posting job applications on social media and job sites.
-Tracking open positions using recruiting software.
-Assisting the hiring team in screening candidate résumés.
-Contacting candidate references and verifying education requirements.
-Conducting initial phone screenings.
-Communicating with candidates and setting up interviews.
-Managing the résumé database.

[Junior Recruiter Requirements]
-Bachelor’s degree in human resources, business, communications or similar field.
-Previous experience working as a junior recruiter.
-Knowledge of recruitment software and database systems.
-Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
-Advanced interpersonal skills.
-Critical thinking skills.
-Ability to conduct interviews over the phone and via live chat.
-Excellent decision-making skills.
-Good organizational skills.

[Preferred Languages]
-English & Korean (Bilingual)

[Pay and Benefits]
Salary: Negotiable
Benefits: Dental insurance, Health insurance, Vision insurance, Paid time off, Holidays
Job Training: 1~2 Months

[Resume Submission]
email.  chris.yoo@personalink.me

Chris Yoo 470-772-0200
Persona Link LLC.


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