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Title and Liens
Most liens are removed after a foreclosure property sale, but certain liens may remain.
Here are some examples:
  • Any lien recorded on title prior in time to the foreclosing mortgage.
  • First Mortgage (if the foreclosing mortgage is a second or third mortgage)   가장 중요한것은 Foreclsoure 를 1차 융자 가 하는지 2 차 융자가 하는가를 알아야 합니다.
  • HOA or COA assessment liens (in certain states)  GA 는 차압이 되어도 HOA Lien 이 따라 옵니다.
  • Mechanic’s Liens (in some states)
  • Government liens such as state and federal tax liens, city or county liens, US Government liens.   집Tax 안낸것은 없어 지지 않고 차압한 은행이 내는 경우가 보통입니다.
  • IRS liens (IRS may buy the property within 120 days after sale at the price paid at foreclosure sale)
  • Code Enforcement Liens, Environmental Liens, and Utility Liens
  • Child Support Liens   아이 양육비 안낸것은 집에 Lien 을 붙어다면 없어 지지 않음



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