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Position Title:            Risk &  Property Management Specialist

Organization:            LG Hausys America, Inc.

Location:                    Corporate Office in Atlanta, GA       

Reports to:                 Accounting, Legal and Property Management Director


Position Summary: Property Management Specialist will oversee and control properties owned by the company including building management, parking, company leased cars and corporate housing along with maintenance of companywide utility accounts, business license renewal.  

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:


·       Liaison for Building Management:

o   If there’s a leak, contact building management and water dispenser vendor

o   Put in a work orders:  if the temperature is too hold and too cold, replace light bulbs, plumbing issues, etc.

o   Manage after-hours access cards


·       Liaison for Parking: 

o   Contact Laz Parking for new employee hang tags/ parking deck key card

o   Ask for more parking stickers

o   Notify overnight car parking


·       Corporate Cars:

o   Occasionally, drive the President’s car for car wash or maintenance

o   Occasionally, drive to drop off Kia/Hyundai leased cars

o   Occasionally, go to the DMV to pay for new tags.


·       Corporate Housing:

o   Set up a cleaning schedule

o   Meet the cleaning pro at the apartment and let them in the apartment

o   Provide directions to the apartment

o   Keep key and mailbox key until new employee moves in

o   Reserving the corporate housing and saving it in the excel sheet

o   Email with accounting manager to see who is occupying the corporate housing for the GA Warehouse

o   Informing accounting manager who will be in the Ashford 75 property

o   Emailing the new employee the corporate housing agreement

o   Right after the employee moves out, schedule cleaning the day after.


·       Egencia and Uber:

o   Training new employees

o   Setting up new employees and re-inviting existing employees to both

o   Deleting employees who have left the company

o   Contacting them when there are any issues with employee’s travels

o   Renting cars for executives and make sure of the dark color/black color

o   Approving out of policy travels: flight, hotel, cars


·       Vendors:

o   Review and approve all GA invoices

o   Approve all supplies purchase including Gom printing, Staples, FedEx, Five Star Refreshment, and Nespresso

o   Approve all repairs needed at Atlanta office


·       Other:

o   Purchase phones for employees from AT&T and Verizon, assign new numbers, install Tip-Top for new hires

o   Create new vendors through Tip-Top

o   Create photo ids and access badges for new hires.

o   Help proof read documents from Korea

o   Purchase furniture or TVs for employees


·       Risk Management (property and casualty insurance)

o   Provide documents needed for renewal every year

o   Support physical locations and company vehicles with insurance


·       Legal Coordination

o   Review draft version of all agreements

o   Report all legal issues to HQ legal team

o   Assign appropriate support to legal issue


Qualifications: Listed below are the minimum and/or desired qualifications of the position including education, work experience and knowledge & skills that are required to perform satisfactorily in the position:


Education and Work Experience:


·     Undergraduate degree in business or related field

·     Two (2) years of administrative and clerical experience



Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


·       Organizational Skills

·       Responsible

·       Detail Orientated

·       Service Orientated

·       Great Social and Communication Skills

·       Great Oral and Written Communication Skills

·       Basic Accounting Skills

·       Clerical/Administrative

·       Customer and Personnel Service

·       Computer Efficient (Basic MS Office Skills)


Please apply through below link


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