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v  Position

ü  Transportation Specialist


v  Location

ü  Montgomery, AL


v  Requirement

ü  Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree

ü  Must be bilingual in Korean / English

ü  Decent knowledge of the transportation and supply chain industry

ü  Knowledge of basic information, terminology, forms, or reports that are part of a transportation program or operation

ü  Must have an experience with MS Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for data management and presentation development

ü  Ability to develop/utilize spreadsheets, data bases and financial systems

ü  Strong communication skill and outgoing personality


v  Responsibilities and Duties

ü  Ability to deal with day to day operations for the inbound transportation and the ability to resolve issues as they arise

ü  Work overtime/weekend/holiday work may needed depending on situations

ü  Point of contact to make any operational changes that arise such as route or carrier changes

ü  Must be able to manage multiple tasks and priorities and easily adapt to changing situations

ü  Enhance operational processes, including the optimization of the existing systems

ü  Assist in the inbound and outbound flow of goods to ensure for compliance and operational standards

ü  The ability to sort various incoming documents, log pertinent data, assign control numbers, POD management and route documents to appropriate units

ü  The ability to update customer files and prepare financial and statistical reports as directed

Please contact to submit resumes and request additional information.


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