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On behalf of Ygnite 2019, we are excited to announce that the application for Ygnite 2019: Disrupting the Status Quo is now live! 

The 15th annual "Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference" (better known as Ygnite) is a three-day conference for emerging scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals, academics, start-up professionals, and industry professionals from Korean and Korean-American backgrounds. As a national conference, Ygnite is about building networks, creating spaces for people to share work from diverse fields, collaborate across industries, and most importantly, grow and develop as the next generation of leaders.

Ygnite 2019 | Disrupting the Status Quo
January 11-13, 2019 | Los Angeles, California
Apply now |

Why go to Ygnite 

This year is special. As the 15th year, Ygnite has spent over a decade bringing together 
  • High-quality speakers who can relate to the Korean-American/Asian-American narrative and the present challenges we face,
  • Participants from diverse fields, areas of interest, and geographic locations, to create
  • A platform to present, share, and receive feedback on your leadership experiences, research, or a current project you are working on. 
For this year, we are still doing all these things, but we are also looking at what can we do more. With the theme, “Disrupting the Status Quo,” this 15th year of Ygnite is not just about being inspired, sharing experiences, and networking, but also imagining better realities and new horizons beyond the what is. When we think about cutting edge trends, start-ups that shake industries, etc., all of these things focus on the what could be, not just the what is. For those reasons and more, we invite you to join us for this year to disrupt the status quo. 

Benefits as an Ygnite Participant & Conference Costs

The full cost of registration for Ygnite 2019 is $400, which includes access to all conference programs as well as three nights of lodging (Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night.) In addition, the registration cost includes meals for Friday breakfast, lunch, dinner, as well as Saturday breakfast and dinner. 

Through the generous support of KSEA and our other sponsors, we are able to provide several levels of discounts:
  • Membership discount: to attend Ygnite, attendees must be a member of KSEA and will receive membership discounts for Ygnite 2019 at $100 for professionals, $110 for graduate students, and $120 for undergraduate students
  • Presenter discount: individuals who decide to apply with one of the following Avenues of Participation— lecture, poster, lightning talk, or panel— receive a $140 registration discount for Ygnite 2019
  • Early application discount: individuals who apply as a presenter by the early application deadline (September 25, 2018) receive a $50 registration discount
In addition, if you apply through a specific Avenue of Participation, you are eligible to receive travel support to/from Los Angeles, and can qualify for the $50 early application discount, if you apply by September 25. For simplicity, please refer to our cost breakdown chart on our website.

Eligibility to be an Ygnite Participant

Ygnite applicants must
  • Demonstrate interest in issues relating to science, engineering, technology, academia, innovation, and the Korean/Korean-American experience,
  • Exhibit strong leadership experience and/or academic excellence in your respective field,
  • Identify as a young professional, graduate/professional student, post-doc/professor, or undergraduate junior/senior in one’s 20s or 30s, and
  • Hold membership with the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association at time of registration (

How to Apply and Avenues of Participation

The Ygnite 2019 application is available at Applicants wishing to attend Ygnite have the option to apply as a Conference Attendee or through one of the following  Avenues of Participation:
  • Lecture: provide a 10-minute presentation on technical, leadership or career topics
  • Panel: participate as a panelist in an hour panel with fellow panelists and moderator
  • Lightning Talk: present a 5-minute high-impact, engaging talk about how you have successfully “disrupted the status quo” in your life/work/study
  • Poster: share your work, study or experience through poster medium
Please visit Avenues of Participation for more information, including the topical categories through which Lecture, Poster, and Panels avenues must apply. 

Conference Deadlines and Launch Parties

Conference presenter applications (i.e. lecture, poster, lightning talk, or panel) submitted by the early deadline are eligible for an early registration discount of $50. (Not Applicable for the "Conference Attendee" option.) To apply and for more information visit For general inquiries, please contact

We look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles for
Ygnite 2019: Disrupting the Status Quo! 

Katherine Cho, Conference Chair
Carol Rim, Conference Co-Chair
Ryuhwa Kim, Conference Co-Chair
Ygnite 2019 | Disrupting the Status Quo
January 11-13, 2019 | Los Angeles, California
Learn more and apply today | |


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