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구인 Clothing Factory (남여 의류패턴 디자인 및 생산업체) 사무직 / 의류제작 (미싱 경험자)

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작성자 Hell21
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사무직  (Receptionist / Design Assitant)

Job position (factory environment):
- Front desk Jobs
- Performing general office clerk duties and errands
- Manage phone calls/emails on inquiries
- Communicate between the client and factory to place orders for clothing production
- Website/Social Media update
- Customer Service Maintaining
- Financial Handling
- Recording information as needed
- Updating paperwork, maintaining documents, and word processing.
- Helping organize and maintain office common areas
- Assisting design coordinator.


-Outgoing and good communication skills
-Sketching/drawing skills
-Interested or have knowledge in fashion
-Ability to multitask

We are seeking to hire someone who can stay with us long term.
Bilingual is mandatory, as well as knowledge in Microsoft (basic computer usage).

Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM

Exit 99

If you do not have any experience, we are willing to train you.

Please email your resume to us :
Phone (TEXT ONLY) (470)383-1525

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근무 시간:
9 AM-6 PM

Office: (470) 375-8583


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